Gibbous 2018

New Piece for Light Grey Art Lab's "Ultimate Fantasy" show!

Gibbous, 2018. Printed at 12"x16", digital.

Gibbous, 2018. Printed at 12"x16", digital.

I am strongly influenced by my background as a game developer, which inspires me to use art as a way to build new worlds. Often using visuals of outer space as a foundation, I seek to show humans and animals in vibrant, abstract landscapes that transport you to a new dimension. I draw inspiration from the occult, esotericism, folklore, mythology, history, and nature.

For Gibbous, I am subverting traditional roles and ideals. I present women in the historically male role of shepherding. They are looking at the viewer as if you are a predator, on the hunt for the flock they are protecting. The slugs come from the landscape of my residence, the Pacific Northwest, and my love for these creatures. Slugs are often seen as pests, but in this painting I wanted to give them a chance to be coveted. I hope to offer my audience an opportunity to reflect on their preconceived ideas of our collective reality.

Process Work

A start to finish process of one of my favorite paintings from last year, The Banana-Squatch Witch. She was inspired by the flora/fauna of Western Washington's forests, and of course, Bigfoot.


England in October

I took October off from painting and working on Bear Who Paints to explore Southern England. While I was there, I was able to research for BWP as well as get incredible references for future paintings. For me, and for what I presume for most of my companions, the journey was emotional and fulfilling. We spent our evenings reading tarot, studying, writing, and sketching.

From top: 1. Alice Through the Looking Glass Shop, London. 2, 3. Grave in Highgate Cemetery, London. 4. Bookshelf inside the V & A Museum, London. 5. Brighton Beach, Brighton. 6, 7, 8, 9. Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve, West Sussex. 10, 11. Beechwoods, Gloucestershire. 12. Stonehenge, Wiltshire. 13. Swallet Farm, Somerset. 14. On top of Glastonbury Tor, Glastonbury.

Olympia in September

While in Washington I explored local reserves to find inspiration and for new paintings, as well as materials for game art. My best photos are always macro shots - I love finding insects and textures. The goal was to find a Pacific Banana Slug, but only came across the California variety who luckily modeled just as well.